Take Your Pet On Holiday

We will aim to collect together information on Pet Friendly Hotels, Apartments and rentals (lettings), ones that will take pets in Sitges and Barcelona Catalunya Spain

2012 UK Animal Travel Laws Relaxed

Cheaper and easier for pets to accompany their owners on trips and holidays.

  • Rabies vaccination 21 days before traveling
  • No six months in quarantine to bring them back

UK’s pet lovers will soon find it easier to take their cats and dogs on holidays abroad – as animal passport rules are relaxed.

And from January 1, 2012 Europeans will find it easier to bring their pets HERE.

Pets travelling within the EU will no longer need a blood test and will have to wait only 21 days from the date of the rabies vaccination before travelling. The new rules will apply to EU and non-risk countries such as the US and Australia.

Via this site, we plan to detail all the options and pet friendly (freindly) hotels and holidays

Entry to the UK from other EU Member States and approved non-EU countries:
You must answer ‘yes’ to the following questions:

• Is it microchipped?
• Is your pet currently vaccinated against rabies?
• Was it vaccinated after it was microchipped?
• Have you got an EU Pet Passport or Official Veterinary Health Certificate from
your vet certifying the microchip and vaccination?
• Have 21 days passed since it was vaccinated?
• Are you travelling into the UK with your pet on an approved route?**